Community size spectrum simulator

Calculate the expected ecosystem effect of a management plan involving changing the fishing mortality on one aspect of the fish community from an "initial" fishing pattern to "new" fishing pattern.

- wait a few seconds and scroll down to see results of the simulation.

Select an ecosystem. Use "generic" for running the trait-based model which models a generic fish community.


Forage fleet

Pelagic fleet

Demersal fleet

There are three fleets: 1) forage fleet targeting small species; 2) pelagic fleet tageting medium sized species, and 3) a demersal fleet targeting large species. The fleets are defined by largest fish targeted by the forage fish fleet, and the smallest size targeted by the demersal fleet:

Simulation results

The calculations are based on the model in Andersen et al (2016). The calibrations for the specific ecosystem are described in Jacobsen et al (2016). Code by Nis Sand Jacobsen and Ken Haste Andersen. Output of the model should not be used in a practical management setting without first consulting the authors.

The model can be downloaded and run from git: